6 year old on love, a poem

I love you so much

Love makes me happy

I don’t know how big love is

What does love look like?


Love is any color

Love is everybody

I know I love you



Shake it off

Melt it down


Shake it down

Throw it out


Wait for it

Hold it down



A Quiet Temptation

Sometimes, a secret well kept is a secret well earned.

That unspoken notion floats in the stream of thought.

Words unspoken that dance on the tip of the tongue.

It’s just a quiet rhythm beating in your heart.

It rushes through your veins.

A quiet temptation

of Joy.


Return to the Center

Let it pass

The ebb and flow of our inner tide

Back to the world

Then let it into our hearts

I can return to this place

The center

Currents of breath suffuse the world

Endless bounty within

Boundless love without

I can return to this place

Breathe in

Eddies of the tide coalesce around us

Ready to give all

Be ready to take it in

I can return to this place

Breathe out

We can return here


It’s dirty,

         I’ll wash it.

Some soap, some water

It’s not clean enough!

        It’s like I’m spreading dirty

Swirling it really

      I’ll wash it again.

Maybe more water

I know it’s old,

        It has character.

It’s still not clean.

No amount of lotion

          will save these hands.

They’ll crack, I know.

But there are too many

         Other people bring the dirt.

Is it futile because

      It’s old?

          It’s used?

I’ll wash it again.

No relief.

No relief.

             What will they think?

It’s still dirty!

More anxiety.


Just more water

          Maybe it will be clean.

I feel dirty, too.

          I let it be filthy,

             The others don’t matter.

If it were mine alone


It wouldn’t be dirty.

         Please, no more

It is dirty,

           I’ll wash it.

My hands itch.

It’s dirty.

It’s dirty.

No relief!

Another night gone.

Love will set you free.

Take from the world what you will

Will from the world what you need

Scream it to the skies, let it out

Cup your hands and catch the sun

I’ll share this with you and come undone

Spiral into sacred water, let you drink

Beat through your heart, feed your soul

Freeze back to me and leave you full

Get lost with me through the trees

Full and empty just with camaraderie

Wait for the fire to rain through the clouds

Fly when gravity holds you like a mother

Closer to my breast, feel this warmth inside

Charge and cheer your way to me

I spread this love, love will set you free


Tiny knot in the sand waiting for me

Untidy, untie me, grains rush past

Slivers of gold and silver fractured through time

Rushing in white, leaving in blue

Flashes of weight left over from before

Withered, weathered bones of the Earth

Through the glass iris into the depths

Tiny tangle waiting for the hands

Slowly tumble back