I was empty inside



At the end of usefulness



Until someone saw me



Fashioned me into life



I became useful

I have always been



It’s the yo-yo, I only notice it when it’s going up

After spinning at the pivot, it pulls

It’s a mad rush to the top, fighting up

I always know it will go down, but

that doesn’t comfort me.

Forget that yo-yo where it is

Don’t watch it, waiting for the inevitable

Walk away. We can’t though

We’re each caught in that string as it winds

Watching destiny unfold with faith that

it will always end the same.

Good Tidings

Tide that must ebb and flow

Release this transient moon

Shining bright on broken shore

Cycle in to me once more

Tide ever you come and go

Even let the raging monsoon

Break down the unforgiving land

Crystal lost into the sand

Tide please whisper in the air

Blue cries in the to and fro

Hear the endless, timeless song

The world will always sing along

Tide to travel far and come near

Ancient thing that we can know

I hear the words said to me

The only way we ought to be

Purple Owl

Purple owl sitting there

Coiled up in this cold air

Picked you up in my hand

Off the black frozen land

Lost, abandoned in sun

Waiting for a bit of fun

Hung you there on the line

Lonely for another time

Maybe she’ll come back someday

Upon her frozen neck you’ll play

If not then in a week or two

I will come to play with you

We can run off in the snow

Purple owl, you’ll never know