Return to the Center

Let it pass

The ebb and flow of our inner tide

Back to the world

Then let it into our hearts

I can return to this place

The center

Currents of breath suffuse the world

Endless bounty within

Boundless love without

I can return to this place

Breathe in

Eddies of the tide coalesce around us

Ready to give all

Be ready to take it in

I can return to this place

Breathe out

We can return here



It’s dirty,

         I’ll wash it.

Some soap, some water

It’s not clean enough!

        It’s like I’m spreading dirty

Swirling it really

      I’ll wash it again.

Maybe more water

I know it’s old,

        It has character.

It’s still not clean.

No amount of lotion

          will save these hands.

They’ll crack, I know.

But there are too many

         Other people bring the dirt.

Is it futile because

      It’s old?

          It’s used?

I’ll wash it again.

No relief.

No relief.

             What will they think?

It’s still dirty!

More anxiety.


Just more water

          Maybe it will be clean.

I feel dirty, too.

          I let it be filthy,

             The others don’t matter.

If it were mine alone


It wouldn’t be dirty.

         Please, no more

It is dirty,

           I’ll wash it.

My hands itch.

It’s dirty.

It’s dirty.

No relief!

Another night gone.